Frankie ‘TechLord’ Taylor

The Lazy Programmer

I enjoy FPS, RPGs, Horror, Survival Games. I have +5 years experience with UnrealEngine  Blueprints with emphasis on Multiplayer and run-time Semi-Procedural Construction/Assembly subsystems.

I’ve practically touched every area of game development and dabbled with every Tool in UE4 Editor. Over the 5 years, I’ve also amassed a large library of Marketplace Assets, and have come to specialize in Integrating different assets, I would call myself a Game Subsystems Integrator.

I’m not much of a 3D Modeller, but, I do enjoy 3D Kitbashing with preexisting meshes. UE4 and Blender are 3D DCC (Digital Content Creation) Systems of Choice. FL Studio my Music Content Creation System of Choice.