BlitzScript3D v012005, is a Scripting Engine based on Mark Sibly's - Blitz Compiler Code. BlitzScript3D is a case insensitive, virtually typeless scripting language with a BASIC syntax similar to Blitz3D. Although its syntax is similar to Blitz3D, there are several differences. Glance through this Reference to get familar with the langauge.

To help you get started there is a simple provided. The purpose of the demo is to demonstrate how to initialize, update, and shutdown BlitzScript3D. When you load and run the demo, BlitzScript3D Preference Scripts (bscvmPrefs.bsc) are loaded and executed. Second, the Scripting Engine loads the script. This is the first Application script loaded and its executed only once. It serves the purpose of declaring variables, arrays, functions(to be implemented) and loading other scripts.

Blitz3D v1.87+ is required to compile and use the BlitzScript3D Engine and Tools.