Expressions and Conversions 

The following operators are supported, listed in order of precedence:

+,-,~,@ arithmetic posate(?), negate, bitwise complement (unary) , string concenate
^ arithmetic 'to-the-power-of' (binary)


String Multiplier

arithmetic multiply, divide, remainder (binary)
<<,>> bitwise shift operators (binary)

@ or $+ (String Concenate)


arithmetic add, subtract (binary)

@ or $+ are interchangeable operators used to add strings together.


greetings ="Hello "@"World"

Print("The Current Time is "$+currenttime())



String Compare
$<, $>, $<=, $=>, =, <>

comparison operators (binary)
And,Or,Xor (not implemented) bitwise And, Or and Exclusive Or (binary)
Not (not implemented) logical Not (unary)