BlitzScript3D Engine is a portable scripting system that can be added to practically any Blitz project. Its written in Blitz3D and can be easily be extended with your own functions.

The engine features 2 components: Compiler/Preprocessor and Virtual Machine.

The Preprocessor is executed prior to compilation. The preprocessor will search for *.bs file, which is converted into *.bsc files. The Preprocessor is bypassed if no *.bs file exists. (See Preprocessor).

The Compiler compiles scripts stored in *.bsc files into 'pcode' stored in *.bso. The pcode is then 'executed' on a virtual machine. The benefits of this are size and speed. Pcode is (normally) smaller than and executes faster than interpreted code.

Although pcode is fast, its roughly executed 4x slower then blitz3D compiled code. For efficient use, this factor should be considered.