The Course

This course requires a working knowledge of Blitz3D Custom Types and the Blitz3D Compiler v1.87 or greater. This course consists of eleven lessons, with new lessons to be added as the course evolves. Each Lesson will have Exercises to help solidify the ideas behind the Techniques.Email-in your completed Exercises for Grade!!!

The Objective

Instruct fellow Blitzer3D Users on the application of several Object-Based Programming Techniques that will improve organization, readibilty, reuse, and expandability of code. The course will attempt to match techniques to those found in Object-Oriented Concepts found in Languages such as C++.

Object-Based Programming

Is a limited version of object-oriented programming with no implicit inheritance and polymorphism. The Object-Based techniques described in this course relies on several rules. Its very easy to deviate from the rules and the only way to force compliance is self-discipline. Blitz3D is not an object-oriented programming language. However, by applying the techniques discussed in this course, you will be able to achieve a high level of Object-Based Programming. OBP will greatly improve your ability to write large Applications and Games.