Object-Based Programming Rules

  1. Use the Label Convention
    1. Const {PREFIX}_{OBJECT}_{PURPOSE}
    2. Global {Prefix}_{Object}_{SubObject}_{Property}_{Purpose}
    3. Dim {Prefix}_{Object}_{SubObject}_{Property}_{Purpose}(Dimensions)
    4. Function {Prefix}_{Object}|{SubObject}{Property}{Purpose}.{Object}
    5. Function Parameters {prefix}{object}{methodparameter}
  2. All methods passed parameters should be passed a object of its own as the first parameter using the this pointer.
  3. Methods only return an object of its own or subobject type and basic datatypes (integer,float,string).
  4. Do not use the this pointer outside a object's Method.
  5. Assign Default values to Function Parameters starting on the right to the left.