Wx1IxnI predict that Future Games will provide game worlds in which several genres co-exist with multiple client interfaces (that caters to a particular genre). Role-Players will play Game X as a 3rd Person RPG. Strategist will play Game X as a Top Down RTS. People who enjoy blowing things effing up with BFGs will play Game X as a FPS. Firstly, my strategy towards accomplishing this goal is to institute a Moderated Open Repositor (MOR). MOR is a centralized Data Repository in which Developers and Players can collaborate and share game content between themselves and their products. The goal of MOR is to simplify the management for Developers/Players to get their content into the game, and providing a layer of protection from malicious damage to games in production. MOR operation is straight forward. Contributors upload their Media Files to the MOR Host Server for review and approval. Moderators inspect files for damage, compromise, obscenities, etc. Approved files are moved to the Closed Repository (Production) for use in game. I believe there could be a benefit to utilizing a High Level Architecture (HLA) which is a general purpose architecture for distributed computer simulation systems. Using HLA, Games can interact (that is, to communicate data, and to synchronize actions) to other Games regardless of the computing platforms. The interaction between Games is managed by a Run-Time Infrastructure (RTI). Hypothetically speaking, HLA could support two separate Games Server/Clients fused together in cyberspace to create a new game experience, sharing players and resources in real-time such as Dragon Age 2022 and Halo XIII converged into a new experience known as Day of the Dragon Halo.