IS there a good reason to continue developing games for the PC? It is obvious to me that the profit potential with PC Games are in a downward slope, meanwhile Console & Cellphone Games are soaring. I often feel like I’m trapped in a box or even worst, a coffin. I’m working on a dead Gaming Platform that will soon be buried along with the prestige of being a G33KSTA.

I’m holding on to the crazy notion that I can single-handedly revive the market for PC games. The big question is HOW? Well, my crazy notions are based on crazy marketing and distribution models… the kind you don’t see normally related to games, and that’s where TournamentBlitz comes in.

TournamentBlitz was originally an attempt to develop a Online Cash-Based Tournament Management API for any Single Player Game written in a variety of languages. However, during its development, I quickly realized many other possibilities: Tournament Games, Casino Games, Treasure Hunts, Pay-Per-Play Games, Paid-To-Play Games, Paid Advertisement, Item Malls, and much more.

That was 10 years ago. I was badly infected with feature creep and needless to say, the API never fully matured. To this day, no one has developed such an API, so I’m going for it again and this time with a different strategy. This time around, I’m developing a Super 3D Game Platform (S3GP) with TournamentBlitz built-in.

This approach will enable any games developed with S3GP to support a variety token & cash-based game play options with several payment options such as Paypal, Western Union, and other online e-commerce transaction processors. I don’t anticipate a wide receiption for the S3GP, so I plan to focus on developing my own games with it.

The goal is to provide an extremely large set of options to generate profits within games developed with S3GP and that includes advertising and merchandise. I have a strong belief that as Indie Game Developers we’re going to have to think-outside-box to earn profits with our games. Why try to put your game on the store shelf, when you can put the store in your game?